Sunday, December 25, 2011

catching up

What gifts did you give? What gifts did you receive?
I received friendship, compassion, bacon, coffee, couches and floors and wine and hospitality, shared stories and confidences, a job with good work and great people, mentors and advice, good health and a family that supports me always, time with my grandparents, trips across the country, time to rest and reflect and be, a place filled with blue ridges and mountain streams and thick and sweet virginia accents and people just dying to bring you into the fold, good questions with not enough answers, poetry, kindness, and a new job complete with a home and a place and some new people to love.

I gave phone calls and emails and dinners and hospitality, cards and letters in the mail, time, bread, pies, rides to the airport, words fit together in pleasing ways, loyalty, guidance, presence, and mix CDs.

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