Saturday, December 10, 2011

home "office"

When did you take the easy way?

I spent a lot of time on the road, and there were many days that I was "working" from home where the work was actually outweighed by the hiking/reading/coffee drinking/baking/cleaning/lounging around at my grandparents' house that I did in order to catch up on my requisite level of monthly homebody-ness. It's nearly impossible to fairly allocate comp time from travel, and equally hard to self-regulate work and leisure time when you live alone and work from home. My tendency is not - like so many of my friends - to overwork, but rather to underwork. At least that's my own perception. All the work got done, I just carried a little extra guilt around for hiking when I could have been writing, baking when I should have been planning a retreat, etc. I'm definitely grateful for all that time and the freedom to be at ease with it, but holy cow am I ready to have an office to report to and people there expecting me each and every morning.

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