Monday, December 12, 2011


When did you feel the most relaxed?

Oh man. I spent several good hours eating seafood and watching Gilmore Girls with Beth in Miami, had a really lovely evening with Anna by a fire pit eating s'mores and drinking beer, a weekend of lounging and cooking and eating with Jess in DC, a long week full of nothing but relaxation with Sara and Beth in Portland, and quite a few long lunches and afternoons with Bobby and JoJo.

But honestly, I've been the most relaxed this year every time I've gotten to return to my own tiny apartment after being away for a while. The entire place to myself and a guaranteed day off after a late incoming flight, I'd sleep late in my own bed, wake up and make my own coffee, walk the block to the coffee house or the library for an internet fix, breathe in the clean smells of travel-worn laundry spinning in the washer, take a long walk through Salem gazing at the mountains and listening or laughing along with a decent podcast, bake some bread or some granola, do a bit of leisurely grocery shopping (cheese and wine!) and end the day with a book and a drink.

Homebody, for sure.

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