Sunday, December 18, 2011

in the crashing

When did you see God at work?

(Gasp! First missed blogging day. Dad's birthday oysters, road trips with the fam, and a sister mastering the field of Public Administration made for a rather full 24 hours.)

Answer 1: Watching an entire season in a single place, watching the trees in my neighborhood and on the mountains blaze up and die out, smelling the autumn aromas flare and fall into winter stillness, being reminded to slow the heck down and pay attention to rhythms not my own.

Answer 2: Mid-year retreat stories from volunteers whose lives get changed by living in community: a prickly slacker kid discovering Dorothy Day at a Catholic Worker and becoming a passionate advocate for the homeless guys in his neighborhood, wealthy "conveyor belt" young adults admitting they're "realizing there's more than one way to do life," and witnessing real breakdown and redemption happen in people I know and love.

Answer 3: In conflict: all those moments where the reality of what is crashes into the reality of what also is and might be more fully...when the Church sucks at being the Church and we get motivated to do it better, when society fails at protecting the least and lost and we're driven to camp out in public squares to lament the loss and witness to another possibility, when we get passed over or ignored and are compelled to keep on doing what we're doing, when we see brothers and sisters neglected in prison and are moved to know and acknowledge them, when rancor rips apart our relationships and we rally to restore unity...all those moments where the glimpses of what is almost but not quite here convince and convert us into working toward its fullness, with whatever conviction and passion and commitment we can muster. I think that's God.

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