Wednesday, December 07, 2011

mountains and quakes and kindles

What astonished you?

I asked this question, but I'm not sure I can answer it. It was either the view on top of Flat Top at the Peaks of Otter:

(seriously, those ridges go on for as far as the eye can see...and there were eagles soaring right above our heads as we ate, and the clouds flew by faster than I'd ever noticed)

Or experiencing an earthquake here in Virginia - commonplace for all you west coasters on the edge of a fault line, but pretty darn rare for the Eastern seaboard situated in the middle of a tectonic shelf, apparently. I was at Panera and thought, as the building shook, "man, I need to lay off the caffeine today!"

Or, possibly, I was astonished just this evening, when I discovered that I can borrow a library book on my Kindle simply by clicking one link online - downloads automatically to the Kindle! What!?

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