Tuesday, December 06, 2011

celebration without an occasion

When did you celebrate?

Though not all of these occasions actually had an occasion to celebrate, there were definitely all celebratory.

Example A) dinner at Mandy's house during CoB board meetings: she filled us up with wine and bread, created homemade pasta and instructed me to MAKE mozarella. Right there in her kitchen, with milk and whey and bacteria. I made it. And we feasted. Celebratory to the core, and it's probably that Mandy's gifts lie in making even a non-occasion into a warm, joyful occasion.

Or exhibit B) a day in Chicago with Beth and Logan and Anna, celebrating nothing but the simple fact of our coexistence in the same city at the same time. We wandered city streets, took over the swingset on the beach, and feasted on streetside Thai food. Together. And it had been so long since I'd just sat and ate and laughed and drank with a bunch of people that I wholeheartedly enjoy that the night almost brought me to tears.

Of course there were birthdays and dinners and several babies born (two new tiny cousins added to the fold!). But the celebration that can't be topped is probably Lara and Ben's wedding in Charlottesville. It was the second Rodriguez wedding I got to be a part of, and I'm not lying when I tell you that family knows how to celebrate. Lara planned the entire weekend with grace and precision, the food was delicious, the bride and groom were so obviously in love, and the whole family was just excited and happy. I performed the ceremony, took shots with both the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom, danced to both Beyonce and Outkast, and hopefully improved the image of minsters the world over.

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