Friday, December 09, 2011

when vols blog

What was your favorite blog post...that you read or wrote?

One of the things I love about working with volunteers is the opportunity to be a part of a year's worth of some intense spiritual growth. When volunteers blog, it's even better - I get to read on-the-ground reports of transformation in action. Each of the three community houses that I helped to start decided - of their own accord - to blog weekly on life in community. I LOVE it. My favorite blog posts this year were probably the ones from volunteers, the ones where they found the words and the voice to explain why and how volunteering has changed them. Some examples:

Don on community: "We are all vital to the life of our community, but not because of who we think we are. We are vital because of who we are when we don't want to be around each other anymore. I think you truly discover who you are when you don't want to be here anymore."

Chelsea on the peculiar nature of volunteering: "So it makes me wonder, when people from the outside world see the four of us from the house – what are their thoughts about the dynamic of our group?"

Clara on "home": "Our tree lacks the classic christmas tree shape. This is due to the fact that my family is somewhat incapable of estimating the height of the cedars covering the hills, and therefore we typically select a tree that is far too tall for our 7 and a half foot ceilings."

Callie on visiting prisoners: "His letters are quite incoherent now and he isn’t writing much. I can only surmise that he’s dealing with the new idea that he has his entire life to live in prison and that the death penalty isn’t looming over him as in years past."

Of course, there are a ton of blogging volunteers, and Jake and Sarah are even blogging these navel-gazing questions this month!

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