Tuesday, December 20, 2011

with whatever 'yes' they can muster

Just a few words from Rob Bell's last sermon at Mars Hill:

so when you find yourselves tied up in knots, having

long discussions about who believes what, a bit like

dogs doing that sniff circle when they meet on the sidewalk,

do this:

take out a cup

and some bread

and put it in the middle of the table,

and say a prayer and examine yourselves

and then make sure everybody's rent is paid and there's

food in their fridge and clothes on their backs

and then invite everybody to say

'yes' to the resurrected Christ with whatever 'yes' they

can muster in the moment and then you take that bread

and you dip it in that cup in the ancient/future hope and

trust that there is a new creation bursting forth right here

right now and

then together taste that new life and liberation and

forgiveness and as you look those people in the eyes gathered around that table from all walks of life and you see the new

humanity, sinners saved by grace, beggars who have

found bread showing the others beggars where they found it

1 comment:

Matt said...

I too particularly connected with that part. Powerful.