Thursday, December 01, 2011

Year End

It's December, y'all, and you know what that means: snowy winter weather, slow liturgical waiting, and year-end navel gazing. This year, Callie and I cooked up a little list of questions in the vein of the Examen that we practice with every BVS orientation. We'll be writing every day about a bit of our own lives, and you're invited to join us out here for some blogospheric reflection. Come on! Let's spend the season being silly and serious in public together!

  1. When were you most grateful?
  2. What was the most delicious meal you ate?
  3. Where did you visit this year?
  4. What was the best book you read?
  5. What were your favorite songs?
  6. When did you celebrate?
  7. What astonished you?
  8. Where did you spend your money?
  9. What was your favorite blog post...that you read or wrote?
  10. When did you take the easy way?
  11. What rocked your world, changed your life, shifted the ground beneath your feet?
  12. When did you feel the most relaxed?
  13. What cracked you up?
  14. Where'd you find the best cup of coffee (or tea, or wine, or beverage of your choice?)
  15. When did you struggle?
  16. What’s the most whimsical/spontaneous/ridiculous thing you did?
  17. When did you see God at work?
  18. When were you the angriest?
  19. What’s been the best decision you made this year?
  20. Who came into your life in 2011?
  21. What did you learn?
  22. What gifts did you give? What gifts did you receive?
  23. What sunrise/sunset was most vivid?
  24. What did you make?
  25. Where did you spend the most time?
  26. Who surprised you?
  27. What did you give up?
  28. Who was important to you?
  29. If the year 2011 had a hashtag, what would it be?
  30. What aspects of your life need attention in 2012?
  31. Where were you on January 1, 2011?


bekah said...

oohhh! I may do this!

Dana said...

Do it, Bekah!

Callie said...

Yeah Bekah!

Kendra said...

What in the world is a hashtag?

Dana said...

It's a twitter thing, Kendra. You mark a tweet/post with a "hashtag" to file it with simliar kinds of things...the hashtag for this experiment, for example, might be "#navelgazing2011" - so I'd mark all my tweets about this project with that hashtag and then have them all accessible in the same place.

Um, maybe that doesn't make sense outside the twitter world. Essentially, the question is, if 2011 had a file folder name, what would it be?