Wednesday, January 04, 2012

letters and numbers

Days I Have Lived In Manassas, Virginia: 8
Bedrooms in My New House: 5
Persons Occupying Bedrooms in My New House: 1
Hours Since I Officially (and finally) Assumed the Title of "Minister": 83
Screws Installed in Ikea Furniture in One Night: 62 (approximate)

Meals Eaten at Katerina's Greek Cuisine in Old Town: 2
Hospitality and Welcome Received: abundant
Trips to Super Target, 2.1 Miles South: 6
Cookies Consumed During Sunday Night's Surprise Welcome Party at My Own House: 4
Youth Hiding By Stoop at Night to Scare the Living Daylights Out Of Me in Welcome: 8
Chain Restaurant Possibilities Within a 10 Minute Drive: innumerable (approximate)
Exponent Applied to Renewed Social Life (versus the last 4 months-2 years): 10

A. Possessions Misplaced During Major Move:
  • Glasses (of the eyewear persuasion, not drinkware, though those were temporarily hiding for a day or so)
  • 1 Pair Favorite Jeans
  • Desk Lamp (white, with bendy neck)
  • Extra Soap (currently supplied, but bought in bulk months ago)

B. Eclectic Meals Actually Consumed in Transitional, Moving In Kitchen:
  • Party Mix + Banana
  • Grilled Cheese + Cashews
  • Cranberry Juice + Beef Stew
  • Venison Lasagna + White Cheddar Popcorn

C. Scheduled Grocery Shopping: Tomorrow.

D. Autocorrect:

E. Best Parts:
  • Every one of my books unpacked and orderly shelved in a sensible system in ONE ROOM.

  • Being immediately and warmly welcomed into an established congregational community.
  • Sunset clearing the sky each night (which seems always to be moving with clouds sweeping by - no mountains to contain the weather).
  • Being 67.5 miles from SP, 30.2 from KR + EF, 28.1 from JLM, 32.6 from BO, and still only 211 from KC, RC, JC, RC, LC, et. al.

F. Email Inspiration:

  • We are a restless and uncertain people. Our lives may not be centered anymore on plantings and harvests, but they will always center around buried failures and fresh undertakings. By celebrating and making conscious our endings, we take time out from our restless searching and allow ourselves hope for a new beginning. New Year's Eve can be one of the great washdays of the year. We can shed and give up the lost job, the old house, the missed opportunities, the tax forms, the political, economic, interpersonal regrets and anxieties, some good things, some bad things. Then we can announce a new day, a new year, a new creation which we resolve to participate in and to help form.

- Gertrud Mueller Nelson, To Dance With God


Anonymous said...

I want to come visit! Alas, not having a car makes that slightly more difficult. Glad the transition is going great Dana.

Dana said...

Jake, the VRE train comes all the way out here every weekday from Union Station. Come on out! :) I'll be in the city soon, too. We'll have coffee (or tea).