Monday, January 02, 2012

woke up new

Where were you on January 1, 2011?

As best I can remember, I was in my little Salem apartment, sick and foregoing a trip to Elgin to kick a cold by sleeping and blogging and drinking tea from the new teapot my aunt Susan gave me for Christmas. 1/1/12, though, was a whole new story: woke up in a new bed in a new house in a new town and officially began a brand new job at Manassas Church of the Brethren. Yesterday was filled with more people and conversation and interaction than possibly in the entire last three months of life: welcomes and jokes and hymns and worship and lunch with lovely people and tours of the town and dinner invitations and a surprise welcome party waiting (sneakily) by my back door when I got home. I think this year's going to be quite good, actually.

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Jacquelineand.... said...

Congratulations! It sounds as though your life has taken a fortuitously drastic turn; I hope and expect that it will continue to do so in joyous and positive ways.