Sunday, April 29, 2012

moments to file

Brunching on homemade poptarts with DC BVSers, talking about food and foodways and diets and nourishment. Dylan, perceptive Catholic: "I think really, anytime we eat together is a sacrament - small "s", of course, but still a sacrament." I'm Brethren, brother, so I'm completely on board with the capitalized version. And grateful to share the Sacrament with volunteers leaving their lives to transform the world...and find themselves transformed in the process.

Wondering this morning - a rare Sunday devoid of worship responsibilities - who I'd sit with in church, and bemoaning (just a bit) the fact that I don't yet have a regular pew or seatmates. As soon as I walked in the church door, A and G ran by, asking if they can sit with me because their parents would be elsewhere. Serendipitous, grace-filled community.

During a baby dedication, tiny A is squirrelly and squirmy, curious about the congregation and the pastors' papers, jumping from arm to arm of his mom, his dad, his grandma and grandpa. But as soon as the congregation opens their collective mouths to affirm their love and commitment to him, his eyes go wide and his body goes still: what IS that noise, who ARE all those people, what's all this about? I can see his little brain overwhelmed with the sensation. He knows already that this is something special.

Schleiermacher says feeling negotiates the knowing and the doing - that the sense of absolute dependence, our experience of an infinite God in a finite world, is the necessary connection between what we know and what we do. I guess I wonder: how does anyone get anywhere without a few moments like these? The synapse has been missing, but transmissions are sparking back to life.

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