Monday, November 26, 2012

Year End

It's that time of year, y'all: the end of it. In what's become a tradition of sorts, Callie and I have assembled a month's worth of year-end blog prompts. Think of it, if you're a BVSer, as an annual practice of Examen. Or, if you're a writer, as motivation to sit your butt down and put fingertips to keyboard. Or, if you're a blog-follower, guaranteed fresh postings daily for an entire month! Or, if you're an objective observer, an experiment in deeply narcissistic navel-gazing. We're trying to create a solid list of non-lame-o prompts, and this year's attempt is part of an on-going process.

Join us, won't you?

  1. When were you most grateful?
  2. What was the most delicious meal you ate?
  3. Where did you visit this year?
  4. What was the best book you read?
  5. What were your favorite songs?
  6. When did you celebrate?
  7. What astonished you?
  8. Where did you spend your money?
  9. What was your favorite blog post...that you read or wrote?
  10. When did you take the easy way?
  11. Who has been your teacher this year - officially or unofficially?
  12. What rocked your world, changed your life, shifted the ground beneath your feet?
  13. Most bizarre conversation of your year: script it. Use pseudonyms if necessary.
  14. What cracked you up?
  15. Where'd you find the best cup of coffee (or tea, or wine, or beverage of your choice?)
  16. When did you struggle?
  17. What’s the most whimsical/spontaneous/ridiculous thing you did?
  18. When did you see God at work?
  19. When were you the angriest?
  20. What’s been the best decision you made this year?
  21. Who came into your life in 2012?
  22. What did you learn?
  23. What gifts did you give? What gifts did you receive?
  24. Meme of the year: post a picture.
  25. What did you make?
  26. Where did you spend the most time?
  27. Who surprised you?
  28. What did you give up?
  29. If the year 2012 had a hashtag, what would it be?
  30. Where were you on January 1, 2012?
  31. What’s one thing you’re committing to in 2013?


Katie said...

Um, yes, doing this!

Brian R. Gumm said...

I'm confused - am I supposed to answer all these on my own blog? And if so, Dana, are you going to do the same?

My blog has been a bit quiet lately, so this could be a fun one to crank out...

Dana said...

Yes - thanks for the clarification, Brian! These are for bloggers to answer, day by day, on their own blogs. I'll be doing it, along with a handful of others. We'll probably create a hashtag and link to others who are participating, too. Join us!