Saturday, December 22, 2012


What did you learn?

Gracious. It's been a year of education, instruction, and edification of all sorts.

I learned (a partial list):

  • that no matter how many collard greens you think you'd like to eat in April, by September you will decidedly NOT want to eat that many (but they will still be growing in gargantuan garden stalks, anyway).
  • the names and faces of 2 or 3 hundred new people
  • how to make homemade pasta
  • that after three decades, one's spine does not take kindly to sleeping on the ground
  • the second verse to the doxology
  • to love middle schoolers
  • about Percy Jackson, Plants vs. Zombies, One Direction, Draw Something, and high school course schedules
  • how to plan a worship service
  • tidbits of family systems theory
  • how to recruit volunteers
  • the joys of parsonage living
  • what time of day to avoid Interstate 66
  • a little time management
  • about the impossibly complicated systems of government bureaucracy
  • some self-discipline
  • how to fry zucchini fritters

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