Thursday, December 13, 2012

humbled, like the mountains

What rocked your world, changed your life, shifted the ground beneath your feet?

I'm pretty sure that life - or, at least, my life thus far - changes by slow attrition and gradual erosion. I can't think of any earth-shaking changes this year: life is generally the same as it has been and, I assume, will be. I hope and aim for slow and steady refining, to be, eventually, like my beloved Blue Ridge: the oldest mountains in the world, uplifted in one great world rocking eruption and then slowly chiseled over several millennia by wind and rain and simply sinking farther into repose.

So, then, what's changing my life, now? Having rooms to spare and learning how to practice hospitality. Slamming up against my mortal limits of energy and ability, being forced to recognize my own contingency. Neighbor kids ringing the doorbell a dozen times a day. Singing with the same people week after week. The process of editing. Saying no when I want to say yes; yes when I want to say no. Google Hangouts. The elliptical machine. Watching a garden grow. Wegman's cheese selection. The Sunday New York Times. Listening. International phone calls. Philippians 2.

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