Sunday, December 02, 2012

making earth more like heaven

What was the most delicious meal you ate?

Oh, y'all. I wrote a long, gorgeous answer to this question, complete with pictures of things like bacon gorgonzola bread pudding, homemade pierogies, firefighter barbecue, lobster rolls and zucchini fritters. And then I remembered how I spent my day: at a bake sale raising money for Bread for the World and teaching lessons about peoples in exile and kids without enough food.

14% of American households can't keep food on the table. One in 5 kids won't get enough to eat today - here, in this rich country. I looked at those pictures and this post and was...convicted. It felt downright pornographic to be stringing together gilded descriptions of over-priced tourist food when kids down the street from me are going to bed without eating.

We watched a video during youth group tonight about what being Christian might mean for caring for creation through how and what we eat. When I asked them what it was all about, they said that the connective thread, the main point, the take-away of the video was that we ought to be about "making earth more like heaven."

I do not believe that in heaven, kids go hungry. But they still do here on earth.

It is advent. We are waiting. I need to remember that while I'm waiting for things like JoJo's Christmas custard and the holiday batch of party mix, people all around are waiting for something much simpler. People all around are waiting to be fed, to be filled.

Rev. Dr. Brian Blount visited us today, and preached Revelation 12. We do not believe, he said, that there are dragons in our midst today. But they are all around: in global violence, in broken homes, in fiscal cliffs, in grinding hunger. We can eradicate extreme hunger in our lifetimes, y'all. This particular dragon is not invincible.


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