Saturday, December 08, 2012

seminary is expensive, kids

Where did you spend your money?

Cal once led a chapel service on being more transparent about our own finances. In every congregation I've been a part of, money - how much of it we have, how much of it we spend, who needs how much and how we might act faithfully about it - is the one thing that no one really talks about in honest, vulnerable ways. So, here's my attempt at financial vulnerability, taking a cue from Cal, who, if I remember right, used graphs of her own finances during that chapel service. Here's my handy dandy graphic:

Loan repayment falling into manageable zones (24%!), airport parking and honest to goodness vacationing (14%), lunch dates with colleagues and brunch outings with BVSers plus being at home more meaning regular grocery trips (14%), a gym membership and regular doctor visits (8%) and long-stifled urges for book-buying being finally let loose upon being fully employed at an on-scale salary, along with some professional sweaters for said full employment (11%). The "gifts and donations" category is sorely lacking at only 6%. That needs to get revised, though, to be fair, a lot of my travel expenses are technically business expenses I gladly absorb on behalf of the (larger) church. Luckily, "figuring out what to do with money" is on my "30 things to do while I'm 30" list. This is the start.

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