Wednesday, January 02, 2013


I'm a sucker for best-of lists, as evidenced by my recent compulsive clicking of year-end twitter links. Best of the best of lists: These.

I'm also a sucker for compulsory reflecting [sidenote: compulsory v. compulsive, reflect on THAT. No, really, you have to reflect on it, it's compulsory.], as evidenced by my recent co-creation, answering and evangelism of these daily December blogging prompts

Here's a final round-up of people who were compelled to reflect: Cal Cat Sara Jake Krista Katie Jill Rachel and Anna answered the prompts on Facebook. Some followers of followers picked up the list and blogged, too. And at least five others (ahem, MOM) intended to blog but I suppose the prompts weren't sufficiently compelling.

Thanks to all y'all who joined in. Soon, it's back to regularly scheduled programming, by which I mean whatever I feel like writing, whenever I feel like writing it. But before that, just another tiny moment of narcissistic indulgence and, maybe, honesty?

More Things I Liked This Year, Just Because I Enjoy Telling You, Despite My Convictions Regarding An Alternative Theological Anthropology Wherein Humans are Creatures Not by Virtue of Our Individual Consumer Choices but Because We Are Created and Contingent Beings:

(or, maybe it's just yielding to compulsion):

The National Portrait Gallery
Saying No
Lena Dunham
Downton Abbey
Sarah Coakley
Eating Cheese at Vineyards
My Writing Group
Roller Derby
Shenandoah National Park
David Mayfield
Collecting Dialogue

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