Sunday, February 10, 2013

transgressing the given

Here's last week's NuDunker hangout on pneumatology. Andy has a post up over at Hermes Table, and Laura is reflecting on the conversation at her (new!) blog, The Patchwork Pietist. We were missing Brian due to crazy snowstorms in Iowa, but had quite a few people join us through the G+ Event page, Facebook and Twitter.

What strikes me in our conversation is our explicit anxiety about what happens when the Spirit shows up. We don't like losing control, whether it be in thought, in worship, in life. Josh said, at one point, "Letting go of ourselves to let something else happen to or around us is completely contradictory to everything that we're formed into."Amen, brother. Not only do we have little language for talking about Spirit, we have little formation for paying attention to it.

And no wonder: the Spirit makes stuff happen. It animates, intercedes, binds, comforts, compels, convicts, corrects. It is always on the move. How do you form people into traditions with practices whose point is to make them able to transcend or transgress the given?

The Spirit forces us to face our mortal limits. I like it.

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