Wednesday, February 20, 2013

what tiny tools

tiny salad tongs -
the metal kind, fancy.
the ones with a spring handle
and a small scooped head.

i am in the desert, digging
a well. the sand is dry then
damp then dry then
damp again.
which makes sense, i
suppose, since all i have are these
tiny salad tongs,
digging, or i had better say,
swiping at the sand,

my sister is there, and a guy named Sean,
whose Irish brogue comforts me.
also, a feisty lady blogger i like.
none of them have tongs, and
my sister is impatient.
well, why shouldn't she be?
we are digging wells
in the desert
with this single pair
of tiny salad tongs.

absurd! outlandish! positively inefficient!
who would even dream of such a thing?
(nevermind that yes,
it is me. i am the dreamer
and i dream even this,
i dream the dismissal of dream.)
we are mad. peculiar.
a shame to the wise.

but no matter. i kneel.
i swipe.
the sand is dry then
damp then dry then
damp again.
and i am convinced that this
will work.
and i am happy to
be here, with Irish Sean and the feisty lady blogger and
my sister.
and i am content with wielding what
tiny tools i have been given.

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