Tuesday, April 16, 2013

make some space

This morning began with a congregant's obituary, remembrance of hometown tragedy at Virginia Tech, and fresh horror from Boston. Grief stinks, and public, communal grief is even worse. Everybody does it differently, and when we're all doing it together, we inevitably annoy and offend one another. So. Instead of scripture memes or stale platitudes, here's some space where I found solace during the recent season - prayer stations from our evening Lenten worship at Manassas CoB. I think, maybe, that even when we can't understand together or even grieve together, we can still make some room for one another.

Take some time to silently focus on the many needs of the world. When you are ready, take one or more beads and place them on the locations on the map that have stirred your prayers today.


Who needs your prayer? Light a candle to hold them in God’s light and God’s love.

Prayer can be a simple “Help me” or “Thank you.” Write your simple prayers on a post-it – green for “Help” and pink for “Thanks” – and share them on the wall.

How do you want to be known? What makes you who you are? Write a word or phrase here.

What do you hope for this season of Easter? Where are you looking for resurrection? Write your hope on a slip of paper, attach it to a flower, and place it on the cross.

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