Wednesday, June 19, 2013

because some weeks, i can't fathom it, either.

No one really knows what pastors do all day. My friends are all understandably befuddled about my profession. The number of moments in which I have thought, "I'm a 30 year old professional woman with a master's degree and THIS is how I pay my bills?!" - in accents of both annoyance and awe - surely numbers in the thousands. And I've only been at it for 18 months. Because my job often bewilders even me, another in the occasional series, a list of Things I Got Paid To Do This Week:

- Discuss the Future of the Church with ecumenical clergy.
- Plan worship, write liturgy.
- Clean up vomit.
- Devise a plan for pastoral care during 5 weeks of staff transition time.
- Drive a giant 15-passenger van filled with 12 year olds on a weekend roadtrip.
- Offer regular counsel for people in spiritual crisis.
- Endure 8 hours of farts, fart jokes, faux farts, and fart blame in the confined space of a large van.
- Set up sound systems.
- Advise teenagers about regular sunscreen application, excessive cotton candy consumption.
- Answer questions about the nature and meaning of death.
- Do laundry.
- Share the angry Psalms with youth, advisors, pastors. (I'm packing your angry Psalms, just in case! - 10 points for the movie reference)
- Repeatedly assess and assuage congregational transition anxiety.
- Play very, very silly games.
- Pray: liturgically, extemporaneously, casually, formally, in public, in private, for people, about people, etc., etc., etc.

This is not a boring job, y'all. Fascinating, yes. Crazy-making, perhaps. Never - and I mean NEVER - mundane.

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