Wednesday, December 11, 2013

quarter-life transient

3. Where did you visit this year?

Hold on to your horses, people. Trying valiantly to curb the travel, for all sorts of reasons, but it just ain't happening. This year, I visited:

Ft. Myers, Florida (twice!)
Wintergreen, Virginia
Myersville, Maryland
Gotha, Florida
Williamsburg, Virginia
Newark, Illinois
Roanoke, Virginia (several times)
Baltimore, Maryland
Malibu, California
Chicago, Illinois
Richmond, Indiana
Elgin, Illinois (several times)
Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania
Charlotte, North Carolina
New Windsor, Maryland
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Yellowstone National Park
Asheville, North Carolina
Lake Junaluska, North Carolina
Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina
Frederick, Maryland
Nashville, Tennessee
Fredericksburg, Virginia
Lancaster, Pennsylvania

One more trip to Chicago/Elgin, and 2013 travel - in which I did not sleep in my own bed for  90/364 nights, or 25% of the time - will be in the books. Better than the 50% of years past, but I still kinda travel a lot, I guess.

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